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Neff & Gampp Cheese Factory Site Features

The only discrete historic feature identified at the Neff & Gampp Cheese Factory site was MDS 81’s exposed stone & concrete block foundation.  The foundation consists of two sections.  The western (main) section consists of a 55 cm (1.8 ft) thick mortar-bound rough-cut stone block wall associated with the building’s original c.1860s construction and use as a cheese factory, while the eastern (addition) section is made from concrete block, and is associated with MDS 81’s 20th century use as a residential tenancy.

Additionally, two concrete piers were observed adjacent to the concrete block foundation’s northeast corner.    It is not clear as to what type of structure the piers were associated with, though it is possible they would have been a stairway or deck.  Another concrete pier was observed near MDS 81’s southeast corner, at the base of the slope leading up to US Route 219. It is likely that this pier was used to support a deck that once led to the milk receiving/weighing room located within the factory’s road-level second story.  When milk was dropped off at the factory, gravity would have been used to bring the milk from the weighing/delivery area to the curdling vats that would have been located on the building’s first story.