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Wilson-Folts Site: Feature 2

Feature 2 was identified as a multi-component late 19th – mid 20th century feature.  Feature 2’s 19th century component is represented by the foundation pit and remaining foundation stones belonging MDS 1004, the site’s domestic residence.  The 20th century component includes a wide variety and high quantity domestic, agricultural and architectural artifacts dumped into the foundation pit from the early to mid 20th century, either by the property’s owner and/or by adjacent neighboring households located off of Neff Road.

At the time of Phase 2 investigation, the foundation mound measured 12 x 13.5 m (39 x 44 ft), while the foundation pit itself measured approximately 7 x 8 m (23. x 26.3 ft) square.  The pit was approximately 125 cm   (4.1 ft) deep at its southern end, and 1 m (3.3 ft) deep at its northern end, wherein the ground surface along the pit’s upper part slopes down slightly to the north.  Although significant historic filling, erosion and slumping was noted throughout the pit’s walls, its southern end retained a greater degree of verticality, as well as contained a greater number of in situ foundation stones.  The pit’s northern end was characterized by a much more gradual slope, and a relative paucity of exposed foundation stones; two small boulders were found along the eastern wall, though it is not known if they were part of the building’s foundation, or were pushed into the pit following MDS 1004’s demolition.

Artifacts consisted primarily of stratified domestic trash, and included a wide array of glass preserve, condiment and canning jars, glass bottles, and metal safety-cans, as well as several glass and ceramic food preparation and service vessels.  Other artifacts were found in lesser quantities and include an array of mid-20th century automobile parts, electrical insulators, and several intact light bulbs.   In addition several possible 19th century iron alloy agricultural tools were also identified, including a pitchfork, a band saw and a scythe blade.  Large cobbles were observed at the base of the foundation pit, beneath which was found sterile sub-soil.  It is unlikely that any materials recovered from within the foundation pit can be associated with the 19th century occupation of the Wilson-Folts site, besides the foundation stones themselves.