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Groundwork Buffalo

In July of 2017, UB Survey had the pleasure of welcoming the team from Groundwork Buffalo for an excavation at Hull House, a collaboration set up by one of our student archaeologists.

Groundwork Buffalo is directly connected with both the National Park Service and Environmental Protection Agency, empowering their neighborhoods and ecouraging their youth to engage with other local organizations.
These incredible youth were diligent and engaged. Our team opened a test unit and were able to reach over 60cm and several layer bags of finds, all thanks to the hard work of the young men and women who joined us at the site.

Groundwork youth also ended the summer with a presentation to the local community, creating posters of their work and teaching the curious crowd all about the world of CRM excavation.

The Archaeological Survey looks forward to having a continual relationship with the amazing staff and youth of Groundwork Buffalo and collaborating with them for future projects!