Welcome to the Archaeological Survey!

The UB Archaeological Survey is a not-for-profit research, contracting and applied archaeology institution within the Department of Anthropology.  The Survey has been engaged in cultural resource management (CRM) projects for over 30 years.  CRM is a growing field that involves locating, investigating, preserving and managing cultural resources.  Cultural resources include prehistoric archaeological sites, historic archaeological sites and landscapes, and architecture. 

The Survey is the legacy of Dr. Marian E. White, a distinguished UB archaeology professor who died in 1976, and an early proponent of archaeological site preservation and CRM.  Dr. White recognized a need for qualified professional archaeologists with local and regional perspectives to carry out research programs and protect the dwindling and non-renewable archaeological resources of western New York. 

The Survey mission is to

  • provide the highest quality CRM services to a diverse range of clients
  • train CRM professionals in all aspects of field work, lab work, analysis, report writing and project management
  • provide practical, applied experience in a growing industry for graduate and undergraduate students
  • contribute to a growing body of knowledge generated through historic and prehistoric archaeological research
  • involve and inform the general public about how and why we work, and what we learn through archaeological fieldwork and research