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Facilites and Curation

The Archaeological Survey office and laboratory is located in Room 262, of the Academic Center in the Anthropology Department, North (Amherst) Campus. The lab consists of several adjoining rooms and includes over 2,800 square feet of space. It contains all the equipment necessary to clean, process, document and catalog artifacts and ecofacts from Archaeological Survey projects. Facilities include sinks, drafting equipment, flotation processing equipment, drying racks and counter and storage space. Material is cataloged and curated in cooperation with the Marian E. White Museum. The museum was established by Dr. Warren T.D. Barbour and Dr. Stuart Scott following the death of Marian White in 1975. The museum is presently under the direction of Dr. Sarunas Milisauskas. This curation facility consists of 8,600 square feet of secure, adjoining rooms adjacent to the Survey, including a reference library. The Anthropology Department also provides access to classrooms, office space and materials.